About Us

Casi Hofstede, Owner

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Nobody is shocked that I ended up with a career as a Professional Dog Trainer, or that I spend much of my free time volunteering with animal rescue groups. As a child I walked dogs for loonies and raised money for the local humane society – life hasn’t changed much! In addition to my credentials below, I have collectively worked with thousands of dogs in the span of 5 years. I have a multitude of experience working in dog grooming salons, doggie daycares and at the humane society. I’ve been the proud owner of Anything’s Pawsible since 2009 and am constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills. I became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer the hard way – learning how NOT to train dogs! I started off training with choke chains, fur-savers, prong collars, shake cans and various other forms of punishment. After experiencing the devastating effect of these damaging methods firsthand, I became a proud "crossover trainer" (someone who crossed over from using aversive methods to force free methods). Positive training does not mean permissive. Dogs require leadership, structure, consistency, and both mental and physical exercise. We can establish this by building trust and deference and setting expectations in a fun and positive way. My goal is to educate and empower YOU on how to effectively motivate your dog and foster a harmonious relationship. With passion and dedication, you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve with your companion. Working in the pet care industry for 10 years has given me the ability to help almost any dog and their owner – after all, Anything’s Pawsible!


•  Certified Professional Dog Trainer (2009)
•  Dog Behavior and Training Methodology Certificate
•  Certified in Pet First Aid (2011)
•  Certified DTA-5 Evaluator 
•  Trainer with multiple animal rescue organizations
•  The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Member
•  The Art & Science of Animal Behavior, Dr. Sophia Yin seminar (2014)
•  Licensed and insured

Sadie, Ambassador


When I adopted Sadie at 7 months old I was just beginning my career as a professional dog trainer. Sadie was an innately insecure dog – we’ve worked through fear aggression, predatory aggression, possessive aggression, touch sensitivities, and a plethora of other concerns. When I first began my career I was taught a method known as “balanced” dog training – this involves the use of both positive reinforcement for desirable behaviors, and punishments for undesirable behaviors. After spending months with these methods to find Sadie’s behaviors even worse, I resorted to learning and implementing dominance theory and incorporated alpha rolls and strict leadership in the home. She was not allowed on furniture, I went through the door first, I ate first, etc. I was convinced that all I had to do was cement my role as the “Alpha” and everything would fall into place. When things only got worse and she began showing aggression towards myself and my family members, I found myself having devastating thoughts of euthanizing her. Then I read a book called “The Culture Clash” by Jean Donaldson. This started me on a journey to force free training methods and soon I was educated of the dangers that accompany the use of fear, force and intimidation in training. I stopped using punishments on Sadie – except for withholding rewards or restricting access to things she found rewarding. As I did this, Sadie and I began to trust each other more and her fear aggression subsided. Five years later you’d never know that once upon a time I couldn’t touch her sides or belly without a lip curl. You’d never guess that she would nip strangers that approached her. And you certainly wouldn’t fathom how close we came to losing it all. There is so much conflicting and damaging misinformation out there on canine behavior and training, and Sadie almost paid the ultimate price for it. My promise to her was never to resort to using pain to train her or any other dog again, and to educate people on scientifically sound training methods. Today Sadie still has some lasting behavioral concerns, but we manage them and make progress every day. She has mastered hundreds of trained responses and inspires people to do more with their own dogs. Sadie has taught me far more than any other dog trainer, behaviorist, book, study or class ever will – she taught me forgiveness, unconditional love and the power of positive training methods.

Lindsay Zomers, Trainer

I have been training dogs professionally since 2009. I have successfully taught group classes and performed behavior consults and assessments in the Lower Mainland and in Edmonton. In 2012, I founded Animal Rescue and Outreach Society, a non-profit organization geared toward rescuing dogs and providing outreach services to needy pet owners. I am also a huge advocate of science-based dog training and behavior modification, and as such, strive to get results with humane and proven methods. I have extensive experience with fearful dogs, including fear aggression and generalized anxiety. I am very happy to be a part of Anything's Pawsible, and look forward to working with you and your fur-babies!


Credentials/Continuing Education:

  • •  Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (2009)
  • •  Analyzing and Modifying Canine Aggressive Behavior, Suzanne Hetts & Nancy Williams
  • •  A Trainer’s Guide to Teaching Reactive Rover, Kim Moeller
  • •  Canine Fear, Aggression and Play, Jean Donaldson
  • •  Dissecting the Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play, Nicole Wilde
  • •  Dog Communication Signals, Sarah Kalnajs
  • •  Feeling Outnumbered? How to manage and enjoy your multi-dog household, Patricia McConnell
  • •  Helping Fearful Dogs, Nicole Wilde
  • •  Lost in Translation, Patricia McConnell
  • •  Reading Between the Lines, Patricia McConnell
  • •  The Art & Science of Animal Behavior, Sophia Yin
  • •  What’s the Problem, Steve White