About Us

Casi Hofstede, Owner

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I founded Anything's Pawsible in 2009 after graduating as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  In the past 9 years I have shifted my training and handling methodology to the LIMA method – least intrusive and minimally aversive.  I do still offer some private training, behavior consulting and tricks classes but primarily focus on offering my low stress grooming services.  I have worked as a groomers assistant in 2 different salons, mentored under 2 accomplished groomers, and hold a pet grooming certificate from ICS.  My clients are not just clients to me, they are my friends and family.  


•  Certified Professional Dog Trainer (2009)
•  Dog Behavior and Training Methodology Certificate
•  Certified in Pet First Aid (2011)
•  Certified DTA-5 Evaluator 
•  ICS Pet Grooming Certificate
•  The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Member
•  The Art & Science of Animal Behavior, Dr. Sophia Yin seminar (2014)
•  Licensed and insured

Sadie Marie – AmbassadogSadie2

When I adopted Sadie from the local humane society at 7 months old I was just beginning my career as a professional dog trainer. Sadie was an innately insecure dog – we’ve worked through fear aggression, predatory aggression, possessive aggression, touch sensitivities, and a plethora of other concerns. Now when you meet Sadie you’d never guess that she would nip strangers that approached her. There is so much conflicting and damaging misinformation out there on canine behavior and training, and Sadie almost paid the ultimate price for it. She has mastered hundreds of trained responses and inspires people to do more with their own dogs. Sadie has taught me far more than any other dog trainer, behaviorist, book, study or class ever will – she taught me forgiveness, unconditional love and the power of positive training methods.


Stryder James – Ambassadog


I adopted Stryder in February of 2017 from the Saskatoon SPCA.  At the time I was looking for a sport dog/performance dog for my training services, and also someone to train to high levels and have fun attending training classes with.  Stryder is definitely that dog, but he does have some reactivity and arousal concerns that we are working through.  He has made amazing progress in the last year and continues to thrive with us.  He loves learning new tricks and is great at being a calm support for new or behaviorally challenged grooming clients.  We are currently learning flyball and advanced tricks and hope to dabble in agility, rally obedience and disc in the future.