At some point in your pets’ life, you are likely going to need some sort of professional help; maybe a trainer, behaviorist, groomer, pet sitter or dog walker. There are a multitude of different considerations when looking at hiring someone to help with your pets. Here are some general guidelines when investigating professional pet services.

  1. Always ask for references. It’s not enough to get the names – make some phone calls and ask some questions!
  2. Check their qualifications. Did you know that dog training is not a regulated industry? Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer and charge a fee. You want to look at schooling – did the person take an online course? Watch a television show? Go to school?
  3. Are they licensed, insured and bondable? This is crucial to ensure that you are hiring a reputable professional.
  4. How long have they been in business? This isn’t to say that new businesses aren’t any good – but you do want to know that the person you are hiring has the experience required to do the job properly.
  5. Ask around. Has anyone heard anything about this company or their services? Is it good feedback or bad?
  6. Support small businesses rather than large corporations to do your part in helping both the economy and your community.
  7. Trust your gut. Don’t get a good feeling? Look elsewhere!