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Darlene (for Diesel)

Hi to anyone considering Casi to groom your cat,

I have just experienced...actually Diesel, my long haired cat...his first groom with Casi. I can not express my appreciation and respect for this amazing professional! She was fabulous in calming my baby, not an easy feat for cats. I highly recommend her - she knows her stuff, is compassionate, and truly cares about animals. She shared her care-taking tips even though it might result in fewer future grooming appointments - she puts pets first before personal revenue! She gets 2 paws up from Diesel and Darlene. Thank you so very much Casi. Take care.

Ashley and Molson

I went to Casi for help with leash reactivity and I gained enough homework and confidence in just two sessions with her. Her fair pricing is an absolute bonus with her emailed homework and papers on leash reactivity. Casi did not teach me that she can fix molson. Instead Casi has taught me that I can fix molson with positive reinforcement and big rewards. I found out I was using the wrong leash and collar and I found a big difference once I changed to a safer method of a halti as molson had a problem with being fustrated around other dogs. I found out that I have more of a bond with molson and that he has such a giving personality that it was easy to grab his attention and hold it unlike I thought before. I learned that molsons problem was more my own lack of confidence that was easily gained once I was shown what molson can give me. For now we work on homework and training as I learn more and more on what great little dog molson is.


Hi Casi,
First of all thank you sooo much for the training!! I have learnt soo much from the 5 classes and have the motivation to continue working with Dakoda!! I'll admit that before taking these classes I wasn't on board with the whole positive reinforcement/training thing, but now that I have an understanding of what it's about and how it works, I'll continue doing it with Dakoda and the rest of the dogs I get throughout my lifetime, 'till the day I die. Thank you so much!!


Hi Casi....just a quick note to thankyou for the classes and your endless patience. We both felt that you honed in on Gracie's issues and gave us some excellent tools. We have taken a total of four different puppy sessions now and I think we have finally found the right fit for Gracie.

I know I know......consistency is our friend yes?
Thanks again and keep smiling!

Bradick Brown

I am a proud graduate of Anything's Pawsible classes. Casi can teach my owner anything. I of course already knew how to. Casi speaks perfect dog.Love Bradick


I knew going in Casi was amazing, from watching videos of Sadie's tricks her dad showed me. So when our puppy Beara, was having issues with leash reactivity and a couple other things. She was our go to. It paid off in spades!! Beara took to her right off the bat and after one session started to show improvement. Casi gave me easy to follow instruction and training tools (okay homework) to of between sessions. After the 2nd session, she improved even more. In November we decided to take her tricks class. I was apprehensive, as Beara was still reactive. At every class for 4 weeks. With Casi's guidance she improved, getting closer and closer to the other dogs. At the last class, Casi took her lead from me and brought Beara closer and closer to Sadie (Casi's dog) and to my amazement no reactivity!!!! Success!!

My husband and I are so grateful to Casi and what she taught us and for saving our little Bear! Beara has started to attend daycare on a regular basis and has no reactivity in that setting!!

If you want to have a great dog, you have come to the right place.

Thank you Casi!


Casi has been wonderful with our dog. Willa is an almost 2 year old rescue who has alot of anxiety issues. Casi has helped us learn how to deal with these and understand why she behaves the way she does. She showed us how to teach Willa to overcome her anxieties. She is now very excited to go on walks and behaves beautifully!

Erika & Brad Brisson (Guinness, Whiskey & Naomi)

Casi is a wonderful trainer. Prior to working with her I had tried training classes elsewhere and they were horrible. My dog Guinness learnt nothing and I walked away feeling frustrated. A friend recommended Casi and I am so glad they did!!!!! My dog has learnt so much in her class and I have learnt proper techniques for working with him. Casi is an excellent teacher and takes time to identify each dogs needs. The group class was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone. Guinness has separation anxiety, leash reactivity and barrier reactivity and Casi has helped with all this issues. I do not know what I would do if it wasn't for Casi's help.

Traci Stewart and Opie 🙂

I have been doing the basic obedience class with my 1 year old pit bull Opie and have been learning soo much on how to get my boy to pay attention to me and listen 🙂 Definitely enjoying the class and looking forward to other classes for me and my fur baby to take 🙂 and further our bond 🙂

Ron and Vivian Karpyshyn

First of all, glad to see you back Casi.
Casi has helped us so much with our very active, smart girl Abby. When we got our girl there were a few issues and we were struggling with the best way to handle her. With Casi's help we became more sure of ourselves and this made Abby more responsive to us. Casi made us appreciate what a clever girl we have and how to bring ot the best in all of us. We now enjoy Abby so much and can't wait to sign up for a few more courses so we can all learn together. We definately want to sign up for the tricks course because our girl loves to show off with how clever she is. Thanks for all your help Casi and look forward to seeing you in the future

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